Pokemon GO – The Trending Of Fake Beta Websites

Pokemon GO is still the talk of the world and everyone is overexcited about it. Many players have been eagerly waiting to apply for the Beta and have been, in fact, applying to websites on the internet claiming to be the official Pokemon GO Beta websites. We had our doubts regarding these so-called websites and immediately got in touch with Niantic Labs. Our contact at Niantic assured us that these websites are all fake, so avoid entering your personal details into the applications. The people behind these websites intend on taking advantage of your details for personal gain.

We also asked Niantic when will the Beta be available, and they responded that they still don’t know because it’s not ready yet. But when it’s ready, we will most certainly post on this website. There is no doubt that we are extremely excited about the upcoming Pokemon GO. It is already the most anticipated game of 2016. How can it not be when you can go out into the real world to capture all types of Pokemon.

In addition, you can battle against other players, trade with them, and even go to gyms! Remember not to apply for any Beta on any random website claiming to be Niantic or The Pokemon Company. Be patient until we inform you regarding the Beta. You can check the amazing trailer for Pokemon GO below.

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