Rocket Ski Racing: Rocket Racing Of Another Kind – Out Now

What inspires the mobile gaming industry are the indie developers that work solo and develop an idea, hoping that the world can see what they themselves see in their games. When playing Rocket Ski Racing [Free], the new high speed racer by Jared Bailey, you cannot but think of the hard work that this developer has poured into this fun title. With 24 races to venture into, you will have to avoid obstacles that will try to block your way.

Rocket Ski Racing offers 6 tracks and two game modes, Gate Chase and Race. With Gate Chase, you get to race through gates to acquire points. While in Race, you race against 9 other competitors and your goal is to finish first in line. Even though there is no map to guide your path, it makes it more challenging for you to be prepared when you have to choose directions. There are two methods through which you can control your character, with tilt or virtual joystick. You have to swipe the screen back and forth, rather than tap, to take control.

Finally, we see Rocket Ski Racing as a decent indie game that is worth checking out due to its fun gameplay and addicting nature. Not many indie developers succeed in grabbing the attention of players through their titles. But Jared Bailey did a brilliant job in attracting us to Rocket Ski Racing and we believe it deserves all the attention we can give it. You can check the trailer for this game below.

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