Door Kickers 2: Task Force North – The New World Of Military Operations

In the turn-based genre, Door Kickers is a franchise that has shined the brightest. Now we hear news of a sequel to the tactical strategy game by the name of Door Kickers 2: Task Force North. Killhouse Games has changed the environment of the game to take place in the Middle East which shows that the developers are trying to take a more realistic approach with their new sequel. With a well-trained team of special forces, you will take the fight to terrorists like never before. Instead of the previous use of police officers and tasers, the developers replaced them with recon drones, night vision, and military forces.

Furthermore, we expect to see new equipment, classes, weaponry, and fighting tactics. But what we found most interesting is that we will encounter real life dilemmas such as the morality behind the rules of engagement. Should you take out a suspicious suicide bomber or are you risking the life of an innocent civilian? Such are the decisions you will encounter. This time you have better units and technology at your disposal, such as night ops that can infiltrate the enemy through climbing windows and switching lights off to remain stealthy.

Finally, Killhouse Games mentions that the upcoming game will have a cooperative multiplayer mode and possibly an adversarial multiplayer mode as well. So far it has been mentioned that it will be available for PC via Steam in late 2016, and will come to mobile later on. There has been no release date yet for mobile but it seems like it’s not expected any time this year, but if anything changes we will be sure to inform you. You can check the launch trailer for the original Door Kickers below.

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