Implosion: Obelisk – Comic Book #3 Is Now Available!

If you were not aware before, Rayark has been working on an Implosion Comic Book for quite a while. We actually covered this in our previous articles. Today, however, they have released the 3rd part of Implosion: Obelisk and it looks quite marvelous. The comic books are very well presented and cover several areas of the Implosion universe in a very interesting way. You can click here to be directed to the comic book’s page.

Furthermore, to give you an update on the Kickstarter’s status, Rayark has reached over $430,000 so far and less than 20 hours remain until the campaign ends. Rayark has aimed to reach $400,000 within a certain time limit in order to work on their upcoming film, Implosion: Zero Day.

Click here if you wish to contribute to the campaign and donate, you will receive Rayark benefits and goodies which are clearly presented on the Kickstarter’s page. We are very excited to see the film because it has a very deep plot and will tell the Implosion story like never told before. You can check the trailer for Implosion: Zero Day below.

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