Real Racing 3 – New Ford Cars Introduced In Update 4.0.5

After reaching over 100 million downloads, Real Racing 3 [Free] is more active than ever, thanks to the updates released every now and then. Just recently, update 4.0.5 came out and brought a lot of interesting content to the game. There are new Ford cars introduced, the powerful Ford Shelby GT350R and the classic 2015 Mustang GT. You can take your wheels to Track Day Domination in order to win the Ford Shelby GT350R along with plenty other rewards.

Now, with the Gauntlet Season 2, you can compete with other racers in order to win the Ford Mustang GT Premium. While Gauntlet Season 3 still remains as a challenge, but if you successfully complete it, you will win the 2015 Porsche 911 RSR among other goodies. Wow! Just typing these legendary car names makes us excited. Ford is a well respected brand in the automotive industry and we would love to see their latest Ford Fusion cars from the year 2016 brought to Real Racing 3 next. We all know you want to take a ride with one of these blazing Ford cars in this latest update, so what are you waiting for?

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