Guardian Stone: Second War – A Premier Fantasy RPG (Out Now)

Now featured on the App Store, Guardian Stone: Second War [Free] is a game that is worthy of its promotion. It is one of the rare turned-based RPG titles that is actually built on a high quality voice acting and supported with spectacular cinematics. We were actually shocked to see such top-class development in a mobile game like Guardian Stone:Second War. Thanks to NHN Entertainment Corp. & TOAST, they truly have created a masterpiece that will inspire many companies to follow its footsteps.

The game allows you to collect over 69 unique Guardians to enter an epic battle against orcs, titans, and dragons. If anything is defined as epic, its the elements of this new title. The world of Guardian Stone: Second War is made up of top-notch 3D animation with countless of gorgeous fantasy worlds to explore. The thing that you will like most about the game is its amazing cinematics that are very well incorporated into its turn-based battles.

You can choose different types of Guardians, such as Lunar, Solar, and Stellar Guardians. All which can be strengthened by using Runes. In addition, you can select your hero to be an Archer, Mage, or Warrior. The Archer can rain arrows on his enemies and adapts well against dragons. The Mage can wreak havoc on goblins through the power of the arcane. The Warrior fights like a barbarian and dives into combat without thinking.

Finally, if you want a unique experience for a change, we recommend downloading Guardian Stone: Second War. Have we mentioned that it has  PvP League? That’s another great thing about the game in where you can battle in the Brawler’s Tavern against thousands of online gamers. Moreover, it has simple and mobile-friendly controls which you will find very appealing. To give you an idea of how brilliant this game is, check the short trailer below.

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