Hearthstone – Tavern Hero Tournaments Will Begin This Saturday!

If there is one game on mobile that has its fans and tournaments properly organized, its Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft [Free]. Not only there have been numerous tournaments all around the world, but now there are public gatherings by Hearthstone fans called Fireside Gatherings. That’s actually very cool as you get to meet friends and befriend new ones, thanks to the popular mobile game. Basically, Fireside Gatherings give you a chance to get together with people within the same area as you and it can be in a local book store, a coffee shop, or a tavern.

In these gatherings, you compete against fellow Hearthstoners and unlock a special card back in return. What we find amazing is that it allows gamers to become more social and meet people in public settings, which is something hardly accomplished by a mobile game. It is easy to find a Fireside Gathering or create one, there is an entire website dedicated for this, which you can visit by clicking here.

After learning of how successful these gatherings are, Blizzard announced that as of January 23rd (Saturday), there will be interesting Blizzard-hosted Hearthstone Tournaments that will be available at several Fireside Gatherings within North & South America. The winners of each tournament will be declared as Tavern Heroes and will have a place in the Hearthstone 2016 Americas Winter Preliminaries; a very special reward indeed. The winners will be facing 128 professional Hearthstoners at the preliminaries and get to face off against the best as the world watches.

Finally, the tournaments are expected to end on February 7th and will be available in the locations and on the dates provided below. Clicking on a location below will redirect you to the related page that includes a registration link and all the information needed about the Fireside Gathering.

Venue Location Date
eSports Arena Santa Ana, CA Saturday, January 23
J. Willard Marriott Library, Room 1120 Salt Lake City, UT Saturday, January 23
Gameworks Seattle, WA Saturday, January 30
Invictus Game Station Toronto, ON Saturday, January 30
Pastimes Chicago, IL Saturday, January 30
Kansas Memorial Union Kansas City, KS Sunday, January 31
Tenley Bar and Grill Washington, DC Saturday, February 6
Battle & Brew Atlanta, GA Sunday, February 7

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