MOBILE ESPORTS – Taking Mobile Gaming To A Whole New Level

We believe that we speak on behalf of almost everyone when we say that the mobile community has been long-time aspiring to see eSports on this platform. And because we want to make your wishes become a reality, our network has invested so much into the creation of MOBILE ESPORTS, the center organization for eSports on the mobile platform. Due to the efforts of the DN Network in partnership with several companies that have invested into this grand project, we expect a lot of mobile games to gain even a larger fanbase than before.

The official website for MOBILE ESPORTS is currently up and running, which you can visit by clicking here. Currently, MOBILE ESPORTS has announced several tournaments, and one tournament is open for registration as of now for the FPS game, Critical Ops. The tournament will be the biggest ever organized for this game and will start on February 14th with monetary rewards included. Teams or clans can also register with the website to be notified when there are big tournaments around the corner. We are glad to see eSports finally come to mobile games, and properly organized with vast investments poured into it.

If you have a favorite online game and you wish to see it hosted by MOBILE ESPORTS, be sure to contact them about it via their website. The amazing thing about MOBILE ESPORTS is that they will sponsor some of the talented players and winning teams, as well as immortalize them on their Hall of Fame. We can surely say that now the mobile future is secured!

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