Churchill Solitaire: A Game Made By Former Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfeld

It is not very strange to see former politicians interested in mobile gaming because it is a platform through which you can spread an idea. In the case of  Donald Rumsfeld, the 83 year old former Secretary of State, his mobile card game is centered around Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister during World War II. In partnership with Churchill Heritage Ltd., Javelin, & Snapdragon Studios; Rumsfeld has unveiled the new Churchill Solitaire [Free]. This Solitaire game is a bit different than the typical game, and is based on a variant that Winston Churchill invented to improve his strategic thinking.

Rumsfeld’s knowledge of Churchill’s version of Solitaire is explained in the game itself. Andre de Starcke, a Belgian Diplomat, learned about it from Churchill himself and later told his friend Rumsfeld about it during his time in Belgium as Nixon’s NATO Ambassador. Rumsfeld will continue to play it for the next 40 years of his life. We find all of this phenomenal. It’s not like we hear of such news on a daily basis. Starting with black & white World War II footage featuring Churchill’s voice, you will immediately find interest in the game due to its political quotes and strategic gameplay.

The tutorial does a fine job at explaining the interesting rules of the game. There are three difficulty levels available yet this doesn’t undermine the challenging nature of the game. Moreover, you will be allowed to share & challenge your scores online and challenge your friends as well. Churchill Solitaire can be played for free and if you seem to love it, then you can unlock random card deals via in-app purchases. Prices can range from $0.99 per 25 deals and up to $4.99 for 200 campaign mode deals.

Finally, Churchill Solitaire will most definitely introduce you to one of the most thought-provoking card games of all time. The game is currently available on the App Store only, but there is a planned release for Google Play. Whether you are interested in politics or gaming, we can all agree that this is a unique title like no other. You can check the trailer for this game below.


3 thoughts on “Churchill Solitaire: A Game Made By Former Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfeld

  1. I have borrowed an iPad to play Churchill solitaire, but would like to play on my Android phone and tablet. When will it be available for Android?


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