Clash of Clans – New Update Introduces Loot Cart, Star Bonus, & Treasury

Remember the days when we were going crazy over each Clash of Clans [Free] update, well today is one of those days. Previously, we talked about the changes coming regarding the Clash of Clans Economy and we see this materialize in its latest update (8.116.2). This whole update can be summarized into 3 simple terms really: Loot Cart, Star Bonus, & Treasury. Loot Cart is collected to recover resources lost on defense, Star Bonus loot is earned every day through winning multiplayer battles, and Treasury protects Clan War and Star Bonus loot in order to make big upgrades.

This update was specifically made after there were complaints regarding the massive Town Hall 11 update which affected the players’ economy significantly. Supercell aimed to resolve the concerns and encourage players to be more active in Clash of Clans by rewarding them with a Star Bonus. In addition, following an attack on your village, 20% of the resources you lost in battle will be added to a broken Loot Cart in your Village. These resources can be collected and transferred to the Treasury for protection. The loot is not dropped or left behind from the attacker, but is merely a bonus.

The Treasury, while it acts as a protective bank for your resources, differs in capacity based on Town Hall & Clan Perks levels. So the higher the level you are, the higher capacity your Treasury can store. In regards to the daily Star Bonus, the amount of bonus you get is based on the League of your opponent. So the higher the League, the more bonus you get. Your bonus will be transferred to the Treasury for protection.

Finally, this update focuses on the economy of Clash of Clans and tries to balance between rewards and losses that the Town Hall 11 update impacted greatly. Keep in mind that if your storage is full then you will not be able to collect resources from the Loot Cart. This update also has balanced some aspects of the game, such as the Eagle Artillery which now deals 3x damage on enemy Golems/Golemites, while the second Air Defense unlocks at Town Hall 6, & the third unlocks at Town Hall 7. So there you go, this is basically what the new update delivers.

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