The Digital Games Market – How Did The Mobile Platform Perform In 2015?

We have passed by a research that will make all mobile gamers feel proud. Usually you hear console gamers mock mobile gamers because they assume that mobile isn’t good enough to compete with console. However, the numbers show otherwise. According to Superdata, games like Clash of Clans & Game of War alone have made more profit than the top ten console games combined in 2015.

In a $61 Billion Market, the mobile platform is significantly surpassing other platforms that have been here for decades. In fact, the mobile platform has earned up to $25.8 billion, increasing by 10% from 2014. This success if attributed to the free-to-play model since it allows people who can and cannot afford spending to interact with such games. Although, we must say that PC games have earned the most in the market, making up to $32 billion (moderately surpassing mobile).

Still, considering that mobile is a young gaming platform, its performance is wonderful. And it does seem like it will surpass PC soon. PC games are being ported to mobile devices more than ever and players will start playing less on PC and more on mobile, just like many players avoid console and prefer mobile now. Stay strong mobile gamers and let us keep pushing our platform to succeed more so that more companies acknowledge mobile’s success and develop breathtaking titles for it.


4 thoughts on “The Digital Games Market – How Did The Mobile Platform Perform In 2015?

  1. I doubt mobile games will surpass PC Games, and I doubt PC gamers will ditch PC just to play on mobile.

    There are many reasons for this, firstly, PC Gamers are about quality. We don’t play Freemium Pay2Win games like Clash of Clans or Modern Combat 5. We prefer games with substance, good graphics, and good frame-rate.

    Do you want to know what’s the true meaning behind these images?
    Mobile gamers are being milked. If games with less substance and obviously lower quality than other platforms earn more, what does it tell you?

    It is Heavily Microtransactioned. Its true, don’t deny it. The only reason Mobile games can earn this much is because of the amount of pay2win/pay2boost elements are ridiculously high.

    PC Gamers will not ditch PC for Mobile. I guarantee it. Why ditch a better platform for an inferior one?
    Yes, mobile IS a young platform. And its current state is horrendous with all the $$ flying around.

    The only decent PC Game ported that I’ve noticed so far is Half Life, and its an Android exclusive title.

    Also, i would like to ask the editor of this post, any evidence to cite you claim that “like many players avoid console and prefer mobile now”?

    And, honestly, if you want to compare which platform is better, we just have to look at the amount of quality games and sales it has, NOT revenue. Because, as we all know, the only thing being milked harder than Mobile is 9/11.

    If you have an open space for an editor, Darkest Nation, i believe i am suited for the job.
    Thanks for your time.



      • Thank you first of all for commenting and for your wonderful argument. It is true that many mobile games are based on a freemium model and we have constantly and openly wrote that we prefer a premium model instead of a freemium one. But this doesn’t mean that all freemium games cannot be quality games. The best example is Clash of Clans which is a very entertaining game that you can play wherever you go. The reason players are paying in the first place is because they enjoy playing it, otherwise it wouldn’t garner that much attention or profit.

        In addition, there are premium titles that have been extremely successful and are console quality in every word, such as Infinity Blade, Implosion: Never Lose Hope, and The Room. So while we do have freemium titles, we also have premium titles that create a large fanbase and attract gamers from other platforms. This doesn’t mean that PC or Console do not have amazing titles, and what excites us most about the mobile platform is that its getting ported PC and Console games more often now. So we absolutely love PC and Console games.

        Moreover, research shows that more people will play more mobile games and less games from other platforms in the near future and the majority of these people will be the new generation of players. This research is supported by an NPD Group Report and by the GVR Market Research Company, as well as among other research groups. But when comparing games, PC and Console will have the leading number of high quality games since they have been in existence for a much longer time, this is true.
        Although, as people who believe in the potential and vision of mobile gaming, we believe that in time more games will be ported and better quality titles will be developed for the mobile platform. Finally, we want to thank you for your insight and interesting discussion and if you wish you can submit an email with your credentials to for an Editor position.


      • Some mobile games are really good, as well as successful, because they were unique game ideas. (Infinity Blade, CoC). The big problem here is, with every unique game idea, there will be at least one or to knockoffs that tarnish the market. And that is the reason some people mock mobile games.

        Mobile gaming in future, they may pass consoles, but probably stay below PC in terms of graphical fidelity, performance and genre.

        People like mobile games a lot, I get that, i mean who doesn’t like having a fun game or two on the way to work? Mobile games are/can be successful because it is easily accessible and convenient.

        I think MORE people will be playing mobile games, yes, that is definitely possible, but i do doubt there will be a significant decline in PC Gamers due to mobile gaming. Reason being is that PC Games and mobile games are very different. They cater to different types of people, as well as different types of games and control schemes.

        As such, I fine a decrease in PC/Console gamers due to mobile games hard to believe, but i DO believe there will be an increase in mobile gamers.


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