The Room 3 – The Making Of A Masterpiece

Inarguably, one of the best titles on the mobile platform, The Room has captured the interest of millions with its captivating atmosphere and beautiful graphics. After playing the 3rd instalment, we all wondered how a game like the The Room 3 [$4.99] could be possible on a mobile device. With its beautiful artwork and original design, it certainly got our heads spinning. Since we last interviewed Fireproof Games, the makers of The Room franchise, we have always wanted to share with you a closer look at the making of this masterpiece.

Do you remember when at the start of the game you see a mysterious man (The Craftsman) appearing in front of you in the train? Apparently, they captured this by using a real person dressing up as the mysterious man and the amount of work they put into it is crazy to fathom. Recently, Fireproof Games released a Flickr link to demonstrate how they made The Room 3. Expect to see fascinating images, concept art, and sketches about objects, characters, and locations.

Click here to be redirected to the Flickr page and see the wonderful work that the Fireproof team put into making The Room 3. If you are interested in listening to our interview with the Co-Founder of Fireproof Games and learn more about The Room, then click here. Finally, you can check the trailer for this game below.

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