Soul of Eden: Rayark’s New eSports Game – Unveiled After A Long Wait

Just today, Rayark has unveiled a gameplay for their mysterious title, Soul of Eden. What had most of us interested in this upcoming game is that we learned that it will be an eSports game. Now, Rayark is no ordinary mobile gaming company but always strives to release high-class quality titles. So we were very excited to learn the nature of this game. If you have seen some of the artwork behind this title, you would see how diverse the world of Soul of Eden is; with characters consisting of humans, machines, beasts, and even aliens.

Characters come in different powers and each consumes energy according to the power assigned to them. AI units automatically operate once they are activated, and for that, the player needs to be accurate in timing and placement. You create your own card combinations to employ destructive tactics on your enemy. To give an example of one strategy, Rayark suggests that, ”A tank is placed at the battlefront as a diversion to provoke the opposition’s main forces attack while aiming to cause great damage to the opposition’s main fort with explosive units secretly invade.”

In a way, the game can be compared to Supercell’s Clash Royale in terms of mechanics, although Rayark has been working on this game for over a year. Soul of Eden distinguishes itself on many levels, especially with its gorgeous 3D graphics based on rendering technology that’s more precise than the one used in Implosion: Never Lose Hope. That alone is impressive. There will be a deep story behind the Soul of Eden world and will include 6 clans/ethnicities from the world of sci-fi to kingdoms of fantasy.

After we have watched the gameplay, we find ourselves still speechless. It looks extremely unique and is best described as a mixture between real-time strategy MOBA & an intense tactical card battler. It certainly is a new type of game and we could go even further and say that it created a new sub-genre within the mobile platform. There is no information on when it will be released but we look forward to tell you more about it once we learn more, so stay tuned with our website. We don’t want to keep you waiting, so go ahead & check the teaser trailer for Soul of Eden below.

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