The Angry Birds Movie – Rovio’s Funniest Theatrical Trailer Ever

Nothing made us happier than The Angry Birds Movie trailer which was recently released. It is one of the funniest animated movie trailers we have ever seen in such a long time. The first trailer for the movie was officially debuted last year in September, but today we will show you a more detailed trailer that will make you laugh like never before. The film aims is to build a backstory for the tension between the birds and the pigs. We get to learn more about some of the birds, especially Red, the main protagonist of the animated movie.

It certainly looks like a family-friendly movie and we are very excited to see it once it hits theaters in May of this year. Angry Birds as a franchise has started in 2009 and continues to be one of the most downloaded games on mobile. Moreover, there is a very funny scene towards the end of the trailer where they show the Mighty Eagle peeing, but we won’t ruin the funny part for you. If you didn’t know, the Mighty Eagle is a character in Angry Birds game which you can summon via in-app purchases for $0.99.

Finally, we think you will absolutely love this upcoming movie, especially that it features talented voice actors such as Jason Sudeikis from Horrible Bosses, Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones, Danny McBride from This is the End, and many more. Without keeping you waiting any longer, you can watch the new trailer for The Angry Birds Movie below.

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