Final Fantasy IX – The Anticipated Game Is Finally Complete!

Square Enix has released on its channel a Japanese video overview of Final Fantasy IX where they demonstrate the much anticipated game and talk about it. The game will come in HD graphics and will be a high quality-focused port. Apparently, the classic RPG title looks complete and is almost ready to be released on the App Store, so we expect it soon. From the video, we can see that it was designed with mobile gaming in mind in terms of controls and mechanics. Also, the game will include iCloud support and all the cinematics will be in 4:3 ratio, just like the original.

Final Fantasy IX is highly expected to be released in the Japanese App Store first and come to other countries at a later time due to translation issues. But we can be surprised and see a global release, we will have to wait and see about that. The game will probably be released in February, and we certainly hope so because this is one of the classic games that never gets old. This one holds a dear place within the Final Fantasy Franchise and has been argued to be one of the best RPG titles yet. The reason is it builds upon complex yet relatable characters that the players become attached to as the story develops.

Initially released in 2000 and reintroduced in 2010 for the PlayStation Network, this instalment takes a more traditional approach unlike its predecessor and has been influenced by the original Final Fantasy game. The story takes place on four continents in the World of Gaia. It all starts when Princess Garnet of Alexandria commemorates her birthday and for this occasion, travelling performers come to put on an entertaining show. But unbeknownst to the Princess Garnet, the travellers had other intentions, and kidnap her during her sixteenth birthday celebration. The story unfolds into a war between nations and has one of the most thrilling experiences of the franchise. Finally, you can watch the preview video of the game below.

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