Vainglory – Draft Mode Coming With Update 1.14!

New things are being introduced with Vainglory‘s upcoming 1.14 update. Other than new skins and heroes, this time it’s a new mode called Draft Mode. Things are about to get exciting because Draft Mode will test the entire set of skills of the most competitive players. This mode will be available for ranked play matches and each time it will be a unique challenge. The initial stage of Draft Mode will randomly assign each player on a team to be a first, second, or third pack. So what does this mean? Well, the player who gets first pick is considered the team’s captain and can decide which hero to ban from the match so that no team will be able to choose the banned hero. So if you are a player who fears Krul and you happen to be the team’s captain, you can ban Krul from the match.

Definitely sounds interesting because some players can only play with a specific hero and if that hero is banned, then the player will be in big trouble. This opens an opportunity for you to widen your expertise with other heroes. In addition, in Draft Mode, if a hero is chosen by a player, it ill not be available for the player on the opposite team. This follows a 1:2:2:1 picking format and means that each player will have his own time to select his hero. This will prevent two players from competing to choose one hero and instead gives each player 25 seconds to ban or select a hero. During this phase, the blue team’s captain selects the first pick for his team. You can check the image below regarding the order of the draft.

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Of course, there is more to what the Draft Mode offers. During the hero selection phase, you are able to tap on a hero in order to give a thumbs up or down. This is your way of indicating whether you want to ban a hero or express to your team that a specific hero is not fit to be in the match. Moreover, a player has the ability to voice his role as a Laner, Jungler, or Roamer and whether he intends to build his hero with crystal, weapon, or utility items.

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It gets even more interesting. In Draft Mode, you are able to suggest to an ally whether he wishes to exchange his hero with you and if he agrees, heroes are switched. Furthermore, Draft Mode will not be exclusive to Ranked Matches only but also to Private Matches so that you can enjoy it with your friends. In the options, it will be listed as ”Private – Draft” and can be selected by tapping on it.

Finally, in order to be able to participate in the Draft Mode experience in Ranked Play, you must have at least 8 heroes unlocked. This is because there are 2 banned heroes, and 6 unique picks. Draft Mode will be applied to all Ranked Play matches regardless of whether you want it or not. Welcome to the new Vainglory competitive system where you need to improvise throughout a process of selection, negotiation, and competition. Make sure to watch the video below for a short explanation of Vainglory‘s Draft Mode.

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