Vainglory’s Next Hero – Ozo, The Acrobatic Monkey

How can we deliver the news of the upcoming Vainglory hero properly? You see, here is the strange part, the next hero to come with update 1.14 will be a monkey. Don’t underestimate him due to his nature; this acrobatic monkey, Ozo, is expected to bring a tough fight onto the Halcyon Fold. While we do not know about his perks yet, we can tell you about his personality. He is well known to hang out around town carnivals and impress the people there with his tales. Ozo once bragged to have been so hungry that he jumped and grabbed the sun to eat it, because it looked like a delicious peach. But because the world went dark, he threw it back up. Sure you did Ozo, we believe you!

So we can see that Ozo is a hero that likes to show off and this next story confirms it. As the people were listening to him, Ozo said, ”My parents were giants. Bigger than the big top. I was the giantest monkey baby in the world. But one morning, Dad ripped a fart that blew away a whole village. Unlucky for us, a wizard-woman in that village was so mad, she cast a spell that shrank me all the way down to this. Momma couldn’t take care of me no more without crushing me, so she gave me to the carnival.” If that is true, it certainly is a sad story.

The thing about Ozo is that we never know when he’s telling the truth because after his sad story he adds that, ”True story is, I never had no parents. I was born from a magic banana. Ate my way out and fell off the tree, all alone.” Born from a magic banana, he says. That is one hero we all want to have! You got to give it to him, he knows how to entertain.

Furthermore, we have received information on Ozo’s heroic perks. Let us take a look at his abilities:

  • Carnie Luck – Ozo’s heroic perk receives 10% – 30% extra healing, barrier and fortified health from all sources without affecting health regeneration.
  • Three-Rings Circus – This ability is an interesting one. Ozo performs a 3-hit combo with his ring. Each combo is a separate tap within a 5-second window. First, Ozo’s ring is forced forward, causing damage to all enemy opponents in front. Second, Ozo engages with the target causing more damage. And finally, Ozo ends up spinning in order to bring immense damage to enemies nearby. From all the hits caused by Ozo, he gets healed, especially from hero’s damaged.
  • Acrobounce – Considering the fact that he’s a monkey, Ozo jumps onto the head of a nearby target, slowing it by 60% and causing damage. While Ozo is airborne, you can quickly tap a nearby target to bounce off one creature’s head to the other in a sequence of three hops. If Ozo reaches the final hop, he deals increased damage. But with 2 hops, Ozo reduces crystal scaling against minions but gains increased move speed.
  • Bangarang – Ozo’s final ability allows him to charge himself before attacking an enemy. If the enemy target is approached within 1 second, he causes immense damage while stunning the target for 0.5 seconds. Following that, he flips the enemy target over his ring to knock the opponent while causing damage to enemy opponents in range.

We expect to see Ozo in the next update (1.14) which should be coming soon. Ozo looks like a really fast and fluid character and the idea behind him was developed by SEMC Engineer Awalltoo. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Vainglory, and you can check a gameplay of Ozo by BenTimm1 below.

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