Ravensword: Legacy – The Sequel To The Famed RPG Is Under Development

We were very happy to hear that Crescent Moon Games is working on a sequel for the wonderful mobile RPG success, Ravensword: Shadowlands. The new sequel under development will be called Ravensword: Legacy and the company tweeted screenshots showing the design of the main character, which is not the final product but is good enough to let us know that there will, indeed, be a sequel. In our experience, Ravensword: Shadowlands was one of the most fascinating open world RPG titles we have ever played and comes, and from all the mobile games, it comes the closest to the prominent PC/Console title, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Although Crescent Moon Games has not released any information on the sequel in progress nor announced a release date, we can reasonably assume that it will be released around late 2016 or early 2017. If we do get any official release date, we will be sure to inform you. Ravensword: Shadowlands was released back in December of 2013, so we expect the sequel to be considerably better, especially with today’s technology. If you are not familiar with Ravensword: Shadowlands, then we highly recommend that you check it out, and you can start by watching the trailer below.

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