Final Fantasy VII – Update 1.0.5 Brings New Functions & Fixes

It has been a year full of Final Fantasy news and that’s what makes this year special. While we patiently wait for the anticipated Final Fantasy IX, Square Enix has updated Final Fantasy VII [$15.99]. Now we see new functions and fixes available that improve the game dramatically. Believe it or not, the function to rotate your screen while you play has been one of the most requested by fans, and now this feature is available. That’s cool but if you rotate it too many times it might cause your game to crash, so take it easy guys, it’s not a helicopter!

In addition, Square Enix revamped the buttons for a few minigames (Chocobo Racing, Fort Condor, G Bike, Shooting Coaster, Snowboarding, & Submarine) in order to make it more convenient to play. So you will notice some buttons either enlarged or rearranged. Moreover, you can now change names in Final Fantasy VII in case you regret naming one of your characters something silly. This new feature can be accessed through world map config menu.

Finally, we are really excited to see what Square Enix has in store for us upon the release of Final Fantasy IX as it already has a lot of hype built around it. We are keeping a close eye on the upcoming game and you can stay tuned with our website to learn everything related to it. If you wish to purchase Final Fantasy VII then click here to check out our review of the game so you know what your spending your money on. You can check the remade cinematic trailer for this game below.

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