WWE Immortals – Bret Hart Arrives With Latest Update

Do you happen to watch WWE? Now wait a second. Let’s not start the whole debate on whether everything performed in WWE is real. But here is what’s real, the new update! Nothing makes a Monday better than a WWE Immortals update. Warner Bros. has brought Bret Hart back into the ring and he is one vicious fighter, that we can promise. In addition, you will now see new versions of Roman Reigns and Sheamus, which can be acquired by rising in the Leaderboards of the new Multiplayer Seasons.

Alternatively, some characters such as Kane & Sting can be accessed early by getting Early Access Character Packs. Also, thanks to the new Multiplayer Season, now you can win unique Fastlane gear. Moreover, you will find more Booster Packs that have been included in this update along with new Talent Cards. It is great to see the company update this game, but the most exciting thing about this update would be Bret Hart. You can check the trailer for this update below.

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