Adventures of Mana: Relive The Final Fantasy Adventure – Coming February 4th

One of the classic Final Fantasy games that was released on the Game Boy back in 1991 will be making a return on February 4th, 2016. Adventures of Mana, which is also known by other names such as Final Fantasy Adventure, Swords of Mana, & Mystic Quest, is being brought to life by Square Enix. This upcoming title is the original Mana game but will be introduced to a modern generation of gamers with the touch of mobile convenience.

The story is actually quite interesting. The Tree of Mana is a divine tree that is believed to stand at the top of Mt. Illusia. Legends hold that this tree can grant eternal power to whoever lays hands on it, a quest that the Dark Lord is working tirelessly to accomplish. In a world of heroes and villains, the hero of this story is an imprisoned warrior who, along with his companions, is forced to face ferocious beasts simply for the entertainment of the Dark Lord. An unfortunate and demented situation for our hero that the RPG title will enrich us on.

The Dark Lord is a ruthless tyrant that murdered his own father to hasten his rise to the throne. Certainly not someone you would want to mess with. With such endless evil, you must prevent him from locating the Tree of Mana before the world falls into a doomed future. The best part about the game is that it is enhanced to deliver beautiful visuals and designed to give you the classic experience in a technology-driven time.

Adventures of Mana will be released in English for iOS and Android this Thursday. No official price has been announced for the English version of the game but it is highly expected to range from $9.99 to $14.99 considering that the past titles followed such a route. Finally, you can check the trailer for this game below.


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