Nintendo’s Second Mobile Title – Expect A Famous Nintendo Character!

When Nintendo announced their entry into the mobile industry, a lot of investors and gamers were very excited. This excitement toned down when they learned that Nintendo’s first mobile game will be the freemium title, Miitomo. This doesn’t mean that Miitomo is disappointing in itself, but that both sides of the aisle were expecting something bigger for such a historic move by Nintendo. This contributed to a 36% drop of profit for Nintendo in the 3rd Quarter. In order to bring people’s excitement back, Nintendo has promised that their second mobile title will feature one of the company’s best known characters.

So which character might this be? Generally, we all think of Mario when thinking of Nintendo. While there are many people throwing their bets on the character, its hard to pinpoint. Our best guess would be Mario simply because no one rocks a mustache better than him. Still, this did get us excited for their next mobile game as we are really curious right now. Do you think that Nintendo will be able to deliver quality mobile games that will, indeed, rise to the top charts? Let’s wait and see.

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