Order & Chaos 2: Redemption – Spring Update Brings Cards, Companions, & Guild Upgrades

With the constant support it’s receiving, it can be argued that Order & Chaos 2: Redemption [Free] is still the #1 MMORPG on mobile. Gameloft definitely sees the appeal in its new title and has pushed yet another update for it. A new companion system has been introduced and players can collect and summon new allies in battle and throughout their adventure. You will be responsible in making them strong by upgrading and evolving them.

In addition to that, Haradon Cards have been introduced for you to collect. You can build your unique deck from over 180 different cards. Although, the update shines most when it comes to Guilds. Now there are new Guild Missions that consist of 3 types in which you can take on co-op, bounty, and weekly missions. With Guild Skills, you can research and unlock special skills to improve your abilities.

Furthermore, the special Festival Dungeon has been added where you can challenge the King of Dumplings. There is a world event where you and other players need to unite and scare away The Nian who has come out of hiding. The Classic Dungeon was also added and you can re-experience the Battle of Greystone Fortress and defeat the Drake Wyrm and Primodial Summoner. It appears like a lot of action is waiting for you in this update.

Finally, Gameloft has made sure that this update was big enough to impress you because it surely impressed us. Now you are able to record, edit, and share your gameplays via ReplayKit. It’s about time! The game now features MFi controller support and has introduced new heritage weapon evolution phases, new armor crafting stage, and new lottery for Haradon Cards and Champions. Has this update got you interested yet? You can check the trailer for this update below.

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