Vainglory: Ozo Update (1.14) – New Hero, New Mode, & Lunar Year Map

To mark the Chinese New Year, Super Evil Megacorp introduced several elements with update 1.14 into Vainglory [Free]. We were anticipating the new monkey hero, Ozo, and an interesting new mode called Draft Mode. In addition to that, there is a new lunar map skin and two hero skins. So it looks like a great update and we already love it. Since it is called the Year of the Monkey, Ozo perfectly fits as a character into this new update. So let’s go over Ozo.

Ozo as a character is well known to hang out around town carnivals and impress the people there with his fairy tales. Ozo once bragged to have been so hungry that he jumped and grabbed the sun to eat it, because it looked like a delicious peach. But because the world went dark, he threw it back up. On another occasion he claimed to have been born from a magic banana. No doubt, he is a great character to have in terms of his personality as his lore proves him to be extremely entertaining.

Let us take a look at his abilities:

  • Carnie Luck – Ozo’s heroic perk receives 10% – 30% extra healing, barrier and fortified health from all sources without affecting health regeneration.
  • Three-Rings Circus – This ability is an interesting one. Ozo performs a 3-hit combo with his ring. Each combo is a separate tap within a 5-second window. First, Ozo’s ring is forced forward, causing damage to all enemy opponents in front. Second, Ozo engages with the target causing more damage. And finally, Ozo ends up spinning in order to bring immense damage to enemies nearby. From all the hits caused by Ozo, he gets healed, especially from hero’s damaged.
  • Acrobounce – Considering the fact that he’s a monkey, Ozo jumps onto the head of a nearby target, slowing it by 60% and causing damage. While Ozo is airborne, you can quickly tap a nearby target to bounce off one creature’s head to the other in a sequence of three hops. If Ozo reaches the final hop, he deals increased damage. But with 2 hops, Ozo reduces crystal scaling against minions but gains increased move speed.
  • Bangarang – Ozo’s final ability allows him to charge himself before attacking an enemy. If the enemy target is approached within 1 second, he causes immense damage while stunning the target for 0.5 seconds. Following that, he flips the enemy target over his ring to knock the opponent while causing damage to enemy opponents in range.

Furthermore, let us look at the new skins. There is a limited edition Red Lantern Koshka and a Fury Rona Tier I skin. They both look spectacular but if any skin is designed in celebration of the Lunar Year, its Koshka’s. With her new skin, she wears Dragon Claws which you do not want to be scratched by! Also, every ability performed by her sets off firecrackers effect. On the other hand, Fury Rona looks like a very solid skin that is designed to portray Rona in a stronger image.

Coming to the Draft Mode, this might be the most awaited feature of all. The initial stage of Draft Mode will randomly assign each player on a team to be a first, second, or third pack. So what does this mean? Well, the player who gets first pick is considered the team’s captain and can decide which hero to ban from the match so that no team will be able to choose the banned hero. So if you are a player who fears Krul and you happen to be the team’s captain, you can ban Krul from the match.

Definitely sounds interesting because some players can only play with a specific hero and if that hero is banned, then the player will be in big trouble. This opens an opportunity for you to widen your expertise with other heroes. In addition, in Draft Mode, if a hero is chosen by a player, it ill not be available for the player on the opposite team. This follows a 1:2:2:1 picking format and means that each player will have his own time to select his hero. This will prevent two players from competing to choose one hero and instead gives each player 25 seconds to ban or select a hero. During this phase, the blue team’s captain selects the first pick for his team. You can check the image below regarding the order of the draft.

During the hero selection phase, you are able to tap on a hero in order to give a thumbs up or down. This is your way of indicating whether you want to ban a hero or express to your team that a specific hero is not fit to be in the match. Moreover, a player has the ability to voice his role as a Laner, Jungler, or Roamer and whether he intends to build his hero with crystal, weapon, or utility items.

That’s not all. In Draft Mode, you are able to suggest to an ally whether he wishes to exchange his hero with you and if he agrees, heroes are switched. Furthermore, Draft Mode will not be exclusive to Ranked Matches only but also to Private Matches so that you can enjoy it with your friends. In the options, it will be listed as ”Private – Draft” and can be selected by tapping on it.

Finally, there is the new Lunar Map skin which looks absolutely breathtaking. The Halcyon Fold is now brighter, lighter, and full of fireworks. It is now decorated with Chinese banners, full of lanterns, and has a statue of a monkey that looks like Ozo. It certainly looks very similar to the original Halcyon Fold map. Moreover, there were balance changes implemented, so let’s take a look. Gold Mine is now always neutral and obtainable; Jungle Monsters are more lethal; and Hero & item rebalancing to Kestrel, Blackfeather, Skye, and other. You can read more about this update by clicking here. Go, update, and enjoy! Happy Lunar Year.

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