Epic of Kings: A Battle Between The Gods – Coming February 18th

Being on the edge of release, we remain curious about Epic of Kings due to its wonderful graphics and epic storyline. Can Dead Mage really make a competitor to Infinity Blade or is it very unlikely? We wanted to share with you the debut trailer for the game so you can have a different outlook into the game. The video was uploaded for more than a year and now the game will have much better visuals than before, but still you would really want to see the trailer. We wrote about Epic of Kings just last month which you can read by clicking here if interested.

Notice that at the start of the video, the game shows breathtaking visuals of a forest with leaves falling down – truly a captivating scene that caught us unprepared. A game with such visuals deserves all the coverage possible. The game was developed with Unreal Engine and has been in the works for over a year and a half. We truly believe in the potential of this game because it ticks every box for our criteria of what an epic game should be like. Expect this title to be released on February 18th! Without keeping you any longer, check out the debut trailer for this game below.

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