Final Fantasy II – Get It For Free While You Can!

Final Fantasy II was probably not the best of the franchise but is, nevertheless, a title that has contributed in building the Final Fantasy universe. If you are familiar with Final Fantasy Portal App [Free] by Square Enix, then you know that this app provides all the relevant news about Final Fantasy games and offers you the chance to play the classic Final Fantasy titles for a certain amount of money. Now, if you log onto the app and tap on ‘Games’ on top right, you will see Final Fantasy II, which is available for free until February 14th!

So why are they offering it for free? Is there some kind of trick to this? Not at all. In celebration of the Final Fantasy Portal App‘s anniversary, they thought that offering a free Final Fantasy game would be the best way to thank their fans. The story revolving around Final Fantasy II is quite intriguing. In a world under fire between the Empire and the Rebels; young heroes are forced to make tough decisions when joining the fight.

What makes this instalment of the famed franchise notable is its supernatural elements. If you thought this war is fought by humans only, then you’re very wrong. There will be demonic creatures with plans to eradicate the entire world. We don’t want to spoil the story for you but we can tell you that playing this game is well worth your time.

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