Evolving Planet: Guide An Extinct Race Through Evolution – Out Now

Writing about games is not our only job. If you are familiar with DN Reviews, then you know that we are very careful on the type of games we select. Of course, we strive for the highest quality and most unique of titles. This is probably the prime factor that differentiates us from others. Having said that, the title we are writing about now is probably one of the most we are excited to play. Although developed by an indie studio, Murphy’s Toast Games; its extraordinary universe and captivating elements will probably land it on the top ranks of the App Store.

Evolving Planet [Free] is a game that takes you into the year 3016. With great interest in the history of the Lovans, an extinct humanoid race that used to live on Planet Kepler-1138, you lead an archaeological research team to the mysterious planet in order to uncover the truth behind their strange extinction. The plot is developed throughout 20 missions which will be available to you in increasing difficulty. Using the Scientific Method, your techniques into understanding the Lovans will be through replicating their genesis, colonization, adaptation, and evolution.

Through each mission, you will understand better the cultural, economical, political, and technological procedures that the Lovans adopted within their time frame. If you are familiar with the strategy-simulation game Plague Inc., then you can think of Evolving Planet‘s mechanics as a reverse-styled approach in where you are creating life instead of destroying it. Note that while we praised the artwork of Evolving Planet, the game itself is not visually appealing per se. Like Plague Inc., you will be looking at a map with colored dots yet the gameplay itself is very engaging.

Finally, you will find great interest in this game because it’s based on Science and one of the developers, Xavier Rubio-Campillo, happens to be one of the leading team of researchers at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. The scientific methods used by them throughout their experience in research is almost identical to the methodology incorporated in Evolving Planet. If you are interested in Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Science or even Strategy; then you will find this upcoming title as a masterpiece that will benefit the way you think. Evolving Planet is out now on the App Store & Google Play and you can check the trailer for this game below.

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