Hidden Folks – Can You Find A Character In A Chaotic World?

One of the most entertaining books that I enjoyed during my childhood was Where’s Waldo. It was a book demonstrating numerous characters and places and your goal was to find Waldo or Wally, a character best known for wearing a red & white shirt, in the chaotic world presented to you. Just recently, we heard of an upcoming mobile game, Hidden Folks, that is very much similar to Where’s Waldo and is being developed by Adriaan de Jongh, best known for working on the game Fingle.

Honestly, it is strange that no one has thought of such a game until now because this would make a perfect experience on mobile devices. Hidden Folks will be an interactive version of Where’s Waldo where you will interact with the environment in different ways in order to find the characters in the game. It is not as easy as it sounds because you are immediately presented with a chaotic world where everything is moving and to find a character in this mayhem will be a challenging task. The game is expected to come to Apple TV, iOS, and Steam in late 2016, so stay tuned!

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