Shadow Blade: Reload – Unleash Your Inner Ninja (Out Now)

Having been on PC, PS, & Xbox since 2014, Shadow Blade: Reload [$4.99] was inevitably destined to come to mobile. Developer Dead Mage, the same developer behind Epic of Kings, has been the creative company behind this ninja-oriented game. Crescent Moon Games saw Shadow Blade: Reload as a worthy title and published it. This alone tells us a lot on the quality of the game before even discussing its content.

In its core, Shadow Blade: Reload is a fast-paced action platformer that builds a world where ninja teachings and fighting style dominate. In this world, three clans fight for dominance and you will have to face rival clans that are after your destruction. You play as Kuro, a young ninja warrior that was trained by one of the best ninja masters in the world. Under the guidance of his master, Kuro heads to protect one of the most valuable relics that his clan possesses.

The story unfolds with a mystery bigger than Kuro anticipated – a darkness that is not from this world. To say the least, Kuro will be carrying the fate of the world on his shoulders and it is your job to make sure he succeeds. The game has over 40 levels, 4 boss fights, and is presented in a comic-like style. There is a fascinating story campaign and challenging modes to test your skills in. We highly recommend the game, especially that it’s much cheaper on mobile in comparison to its price on other platforms. You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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