Clash of Clans – Supercell Teases The Coming Of A New Unit

A new unit will be coming to Clash of Clans? What?! That is the current story that’s flowing around the Clash of Clans Community. Supercell knows very well how to keep their fans excited, and that’s by being as vague as possible. The only thing we know about the upcoming unit is that he/she is inspired by an old troop that was removed from the early version of Clash Royale, their new MOBA-like game. Doesn’t reveal a lot but we can shoot a few guesses for you.

It appears that this new unit can be unlocked at Town Hall 10 since it doesn’t have its own Dark Elixir troop. Some thought that it would be the Musketeer but this is very unlikely since the new troop will be a Dark Elixir oriented unit. The introduction of this unit will be before April and will come along with other new content to Clash of Clans.

Finally, while we do not know what the new unit will look like, there are theories that seem viable. According to Kaze, from the Supercell Forum, it is possible that an Ice Mage will make a debut in the next update. The evidence for this theory is found in two Clash Royale unused sound files, ”ice_mag_hit_01.wav” & ”icemage_attack_01.wav.” So will we be seeing an Ice Mage rocking the next update? Stay tuned for more information on the latest news for this game.

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