Stellar Wanderer: The Gorgeous Space RPG Gets A Trailer – Coming February 18th

Here comes the trailer for the mysterious Stellar Wanderer, a space RPG brought to you by Crescent Moon Games & Dream Builder Studios. The game will be released worldwide this upcoming Thursday, February 18th; a pretty exciting day for many upcoming games! The trailer definitely gets you hooked with the vivid graphics and vast exploration possibilities and we wouldn’t expect any less from such a quality-focused company like Crescent Moon Games.

With full voice over and various classes to choose from, the game will be quite an interesting RPG to explore. You can venture into space as an Engineer, Fighter, Tank or Trader. Having the entire galaxy at your disposal is not something that you often see in games. To be quite frank, we don’t see a lot of good space games, but we have great faith in the potential of Stellar Wanderer. This title’s price has already been announced at it will be $4.99, which is worth it because the game will offer more than 10 hours of gameplay. You can watch the launch trailer below.

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