Angry Birds Action!: Now They Are Much Faster & More Furious – Soft Launched

Yes, yes, we know! Angry Birds titles are always released, so why do we keep this franchise in the news? Fair argument, but here is our reason. Other than the titles of this franchise being downloaded over 2 billion times, there is yet a better reason for covering Angry Birds. You see, Angry Birds was released on the App Store back in 2009, just at the time when mobile games barely existed. And for this reason, the franchise has become a symbol for mobile gaming; demonstrating that simple & fun games can actually work on a mobile device.

Having explained why, let’s get to the real reason of this article which is Angry Birds Action! [Free]. This newly soft launched Rovio title delivers a unique experience from the usual Angry Birds madness. With a new top-down outlook, the Pinball-like gameplay will have you addicted. You get to send Red & Friends flying into obstacles to save the precious eggs in 90 wonderful brain-teasing levels. In addition, you can team up with your friends to find treasure maps and work on special challenges.

Interestingly, the plot revolves around Red waking up from sleep only to find the village destroyed. With everyone accusing Red of the disaster that befell them, he embarks on an angry adventure to prove himself innocent. As you play, you are able to rebuild the village and crafting powerups. We noticed that the energy system in the game to be brutal and can definitely be improved. But remember that this is a soft launched version, and we hope that this will be changed in the official release. You can find Angry Birds Action! in the New Zealand App Store.

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