Miitomo: Preregistration Is Now Available – Releasing This March

Today is the 17th of February. Do you know what makes today special? Preregistration for Miitomo started today and if you recall, we previously announced that it would be on this date. Miitomo, of course, is the first title to be announced by Nintendo for mobile devices, so this is a big deal, especially for the company. You can click here to be redirected to the preregistration page in order to get it over with. Preregistration will offer you rewards once the game is released in March. You will receive in-game currency called My Nintendo Platinum Points.

Just a reminder about Miitomo, you will be able to create and customize Mii avatars that look like you via camera and communicate with Mii avatars that belong to other players. While it’s considered as a Free-to-start app, several features such as character add-ons will be available through In-app purchases. We strongly believe that it will be somewhat similar to Nintendo’s Tomodachi Life which is a life simulation handheld video game where you watch over Mii characters and interact in their lives.

Now whether you are excited for Miitomo or not, let us all give Nintendo a chance to prove themselves on the mobile platform. Believe it or not, Nintendo was founded in 1889! Yes, 127 years ago. But then, the company produced handheld playing cards. Still, they are a giant brand within the gaming sphere and we hope to see how well Miitomo plays on our mobile devices. Stay tuned with our website for more information on Nintendo games.

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