Clash Royale: Next Update Will Bring New Cards & New Arena – Launching This March

Many who couldn’t get access to the soft launched Clash Royale [Free] have been asking when will it finally be released worldwide. There is a lot of expectation for a March release so it shouldn’t be long from now. However, we have been hearing rumors of an upcoming update with new content. These rumors were circulating around Reddit users that claim to have access to information on what the next update will bring.

New cards along with a new arena are supposed to be some of the many features available in the next update. According to Reddit user spAnser, the new arena will be called Builder’s Workshop. This includes new chests (Giant Chest, Super Magical Chest) and a Poison Spell to spice up the game’s natural habitat. There will be at least 21 new trainers to practice against in order to help you improve your skills.

Coming back to the new cards, let us give out their names: Flying Machine, Guard, Ice Wizard, Princess, Royal Giant, and the Three Musketeers. So far, we know that the Guard deals a great amount of damage with his sledgehammer while the Ice Wizard shoots ice shards at enemies to slow them down. The Princess can shoot a plethora of flaming arrows across the battle arena. And one more character that comes like a wrecking ball! No, not Miley Cyrus; it’s the Royal Giant. Stay tuned with our website for more information on this game and don’t forget to check the trailer below.

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