Stellar Wanderer: Crescent Moon Games’ Latest Space RPG – Out Now

Now available on the App Store, Stellar Wanderer [$4.99] was one of our most trending topics this month. Many mobile gamers have waited for this title to be released due to the hype, images, and publisher. Published by none other than the famous Crescent Moon Games, the game has garnered so much support because players know that the publisher has a very good record when it comes to RPG titles.

It boasts an open world universe to explore and a thrilling space RPG experience. With full voice over and various classes to choose from, you can venture into space as an Engineer, Fighter, Tank or Trader. Having the entire galaxy at your disposal is not something that you often see in games – hardly ever on mobile. Stellar Wanderer offers over 10 hours of campaign gameplay.

In terms of controls, you can use the accelerometer or the classic virtual joystick. They definitely work very well when you engage in battles which you will find to be very common. In addition, you can explore space on your own terms as you mine and trade. There is no doubt that it’s a gigantic game but with its size comes a price. Obviously, the game is about exploring space and for this reason, the developers wanted to deliver a realistic experience through building a truly vast space environment. Keep that in mind as you roam into space because you are going to get a bit bored as you float into what may feel like infinity of nothingness. Perhaps this adds to the realism of the space experience, but you will get a bit bored after a while.

Don’t get us wrong. This is probably one of the best space RPG titles out there but it is paramount that you know what you’re spending your money on. Other than the several bugs that you will find within the game, you will quite enjoy the unique and breathtaking perspective into the universe. Usually, Crescent Moon Games releases updates swiftly to counter bugs, so they shouldn’t be a big issue in making your decision about the game. Finally, you can watch the launch trailer for this game below.

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