Epic of Kings: In The Footsteps Of Infinity Blade – Out Now

If you were waiting for Epic of Kings [$4.99] to be released on Thursday, then you probably couldn’t find it. Apple had the game available on the App Store a day later than originally planned. In many ways, we compared the game to Infinity Blade and after playing it, we can definitely say that it does have elements from the successful franchise, but may have strayed away from the prime factor that has defined Infinity Blade.

When you start the game, you play the role of a mercenary that is willing to complete quests for the right price. The official story tells of a world of deities and men where mercenary warlords, once were in the army of light, are taking on challenging quests within the fantasy world of Khunirath. You will discover that Epic of Kings has similar combat mechanics to Infinity Blade and attempts to build an epic theme like it. Although the visuals are very beautiful, they do not live up to the standard of the Infinity Blade franchise. On the other hand, you will enjoy the rich mythology and intense action that the game delivers.

While it does have an interesting plot, the developers could have focused on making the introduction a bit more engaging because it would leave a better impression on the player. Overall, we loved what Dead Mage has done with the game because we don’t often see epic titles like this one any longer. The voice conversations are pretty decent and thanks to the power of the Unreal Engine 4, the graphics will definitely impress you. Finally, nothing makes an epic game more epic than a fine boss fight with a giant strange looking creature and you should expect a lot of these amazing battles. You can watch the thrilling Epic of Kings Intro video below.

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