The Walking Dead: Michonne – The Launch Trailer Is Now Available

Being on the edge of release, The Walking Dead: Michonne gets an interesting launch trailer that will hype you up for the Telltale title. Episode One (In Too Deep) should be on the App Store on February 25th for the price of $4.99. Unfortunately, the game will premiere February 23rd on other platforms, so we mobile gamers should be a bit more patient. We previously wrote plenty of articles about the upcoming game and you can search for it on our website if you are interested to know more about it. However, we will remind you of the plot surrounding the first episode.

In Episode 1, In Too Deep, you will explore Michonne’s journey as she joins Pete along with the crew to sail around the coast in search of survivors and supplies. As the ship, The Companion, comes closer and the crew receives a desperate call for help, they head towards the signal only to find a bloody massacre has taken place. As they venture into the Colony of Monroe, things become dark as they might be closer than they think to the person who committed the horrible massacre.

Do you think that the Michonne presented by Telltale Games will be similar to the one in the TV Series? We will find out soon enough and it’s getting very exciting as we come closer to the release date. Hopefully, we will get to explore a new side to Michonne’s character in this mini-series but we definitely recommend that you go ahead and watch the launch trailer for this upcoming game below.

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