Street Kart: A Realistic MMO Racing Experience – Coming Soon

Kart racing is a rare sub-genre that has yet to prove itself on the mobile platform. We don’t know of one title that has impressed us and that’s what makes today’s game a special one. Brought to you by Fat Cigar Productions, Street Kart is a title that looks visually  gorgeous, friends friendly, and very competitive. In fact, the developers have designed this mobile game to be one of the most competitive online racing games in existence. It has a simple system where you can invite any friend to race against you with a tap of a button. On your friend’s end, he gets a notification to accept and both of you are set to go. When was the last time you experienced such a simple invite system?

It gets even better. There is also a voice chat mode which you can use while you are racing! Okay, now that’s something that we haven’t seen before on a racing game, so we give Fat Cigar Productions great credit for this novel feature. In addition, you can enable notifications in order to be warned when your friend surpasses your score in some of the modes. It certainly sounds like the perfect multiplayer racing game.

Finally, you can expect the game to have a real-time weather system where each location has its own natural weather changes. Just like in real life, it will affect your driving performance and you will have to consider the weather element when you choose the type of tires you have for your cars or how fast you’re driving. At the moment, the game is in closed beta and the developers want more people to test it, so click here if you are interested to join. It will be released as a free-to-play title but there is no release date yet. For the time being, enjoy watching the interesting trailer for Street Kart below.

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