The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode One Is Now Available Worldwide


Finally, ladies & gentlemen, The Walking Dead: Michonne is out now with the first episode, In Too Deep, now available for $4.99. You can save 20% on the next two episodes by purchasing the Multi-Pack via Episodes’ menu. You can click here to be redirected to grab this title on the App Store & click here to get it on the Google Play Store. Remember that the second episode will be titled Give No Shelter, and we expect it to be available in March. The final episode will be called What We Deserve, and should be available for download in April.

In Episode 1, In Too Deep, you will explore Michonne’s journey as she joins Pete along with the crew to sail around the coast in search of survivors and supplies. As the ship, The Companion, comes closer and the crew receives a desperate call for help, they head towards the signal only to find a bloody massacre has taken place. As they venture into the Colony of Monroe, things become dark as they might be closer than they think to the person who committed the horrible massacre.

If you have read The Walking Dead’s comic book series then we can tell you that the game’s story will take place between issues #126 & #139. Michonne’s role will be played by award-winning actress Samira Wiley from the American Comedy-Drama, Orange is the New Black. With The Walking Dead: Michonne, you will understand the influential factors that took Michonne away from her trusted group and what brought her back to them. You will discover that the first episode is a fascinating story experience that is very worthy of your purchase. You can check the launch trailer for Episode 1 below.

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