Unkilled – An Online Multiplayer Mode Is In The Making

When it comes to zombie games, Madfinger Games are the leading authority. The zombie shooter sub-genre has garnered millions of fans, thanks to the impressive graphics quality of games like Dead Trigger & Unkilled. In fact, the most recent zombie title from Madfinger Games, Unkilled [Free], has received numerous awards for its fascinating visual distinctiveness. While it carries much similarities to Dead Trigger in terms of graphics & gameplay, it is about to be redefined completely by the company.

If you launch the game, you will see on the main menu a mode called ”Online Multiplayer” and ”Coming Soon” under it. Now that is extremely huge because we have yet to see a zombie shooter game with online features. While Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies has been the only decent one on mobile for a while, it remains a somewhat broken game and ignored by its developers. With Unkilled‘s upcoming multiplayer mode, mobile gaming takes a big step into the next level.

We can estimate that the online multiplayer mode will be available in a month from now. Although we cannot give a release date at the moment, you can rest assured that the multiplayer update is not very far from now. If you have not tried Unkilled before, then this is the right time to test it out and get used to it. You will see a huge difference from how the game currently is and how it will be with the introduction of the new online mode. Don’t forget to watch the action-packed launch trailer for Unkilled below.

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