Critical Ops – New Map Revealed & Mini Patch Released

The most discussed FPS game of 2016 is Critical Ops as its momentum hasn’t ceased to rise. This may not be surprising to mobile players because the game is truly impressive. However, it is baffling that a game that’s still in Alpha phase can grow this big. The game currently has 3 available maps: Amsterdam, Barcelona & Tokyo. While it is known that there is an Airport Map under development, a screenshot of the upcoming map was posted by the developers just recently and can be seen at the top of this page.

The map is going to be very big in size and will have an interesting design structure that will add more strategy building into the game. It is possible that the battles will take place indoors and outdoors in the new map because the 3 available maps follow such a criteria. It definitely looks like an exciting environment to take your battles to and is expected to be released in a future update. In addition, Critical Force Entertainment has released a mini patch which includes fixes and improvements. Now the Super90 Flap is restored & animation improved, while the ability to create rooms housing more than 20 players is no longer possible.

With the recent update, touch sensitivity has now been improved and a basic Anti-Hack mechanism has been introduced to prevent hacking. Several features have been optimized such as CPU, Memory, and Shader. Furthermore, we can see that Critical Ops is going through the right direction with the lack of In-app purchases that affect the outcome of the game. Currently, MOBILE ESPORTS is hosting the first FPS eSports tournament for Critical Ops and you can watch Round 3 live this Sunday at 10 AM Pacific Time by clicking here.

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