Clash Royale: Update 1.2.0 Delivers New Cards, New Arena, & More – Out Now

Supercell has released a new update (1.2.0) for Clash Royale [Free] and it’s absolutely wonderful. For those who have been playing this game non-stop, you probably understand our excitement to see new content coming to such an addicting game. Now, there are six new cards, new arena, two new chests, and deck slots. In addition to that, there is a training camp, 14 new in-game languages, and 3D touch support.

Let’s talk about the cards. The Royal Giant has been introduced as a common card. This giant is expected to cause more damage than the previous common giant in the game. Then there is a new rare card called the Three Musketeers which can be quite a game-changer. As for epic cards, there is the much awaited Dark Prince which is much more powerful than the normal Prince and cannot be countered by skeletons or mobs like his predecessor. Another epic card is Poison which is very similar to the Clash of Clans Dark Spell and should be an effective mechanism against invaders by covering an area with toxin to damage and slow them down.

Finally, two rare legendary cards are added but can be unlocked with 1700+ trophies and higher. The new cards are the Ice Wizard which shoots ice shards at enemies to slow them down and the Princess which can shoot a plethora of flaming arrows across the battle arena. Furthermore, several cards have been re-balanced while the Replay Controls revamped. The most convenient thing about this update is that there are new Battle Decks which you can use to organize your cards on instead of changing your cards all the time on one single deck. Also, there are two new chests: Giant Chest and Super Magical Chest. You can watch a Clash Royale video explaining the new Dark Prince character below.

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