War Tortoise: Foursaken Media’s Next Clicker-Inspired Third Person Shooter

It appears that the clicker genre is picking up and Foursaken Media is releasing its clicker-inspired game this week. War Tortoise is quite a strange game as it combines the third person shooter with clicker elements but the company is well known with its innovative ideas, so we are not surprised that we are surprised, if that makes sense. The upcoming game puts you in the role of a war mech where you destroy enemies coming at you from different directions in a sequence of wave progression.

It definitely looks like an entertaining action game that will make it to the top charts. As you can well see, War Tortoise comes as a high-end 3D graphics title due to the company’s focus on lighting, shadows, and special effects. With the latest devices, the game is expected to run at 60 frames per second. This should be very exciting as you get to build an army and customize it before entering an all-out war. Interestingly, you can have access to AI doing the work for you as well.

Finally, we expect the game to be available in late March or early April, either way it’s around the corner. While you will not be able to move in the game, your movement is limited to aiming, turning your canon around, and wreaking havoc upon your enemies. As it’s a clicker-like game, the upgrade system will rely on a spend-to-profit system. Foursaken Media adds that this game is 99% complete so we can expect to hear more about it very soon.

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