Clash Royale – The Supercell Real-Time MOBA Is Now Worldwide!

When Clash Royale [Free] was first soft launched, millions tried to get the game through any means necessary. It simply was too fun and famous to ignore. While some succeeded, unfortunately many others failed. Today, Supercell has launched Clash Royale worldwide and is now available for all of you! Be sure to get the game as soon as possible because it is quite addicting. This comes after a big update that the game has received just recently, adding new cards, arenas, and more.

A reminder about the real-time MOBA strategy game. You will face off against an online player where each player focuses on sending his units through the opponent’s lane to take down the towers and topple the enemy king. Simultaneously, the player needs to defend his own base with units, defenses, and spells. It is almost similar to the MOBA concept, but has been redesigned with a simplistic Clash of Clans formula.

You can also join a clan and play against any of your clan members. You simply send a challenge request that appears in the clan chat, your clan member accepts, and the game is on. In addition, since card games have been rising in popularity lately, Supercell decided to integrate the card collection experience into the game where you are able to build and utilize a Battle Deck for each match. Cards can be shared with other clan members so that they can upgrade their cards, and you can request a card of your choice as well.

This is one of the best games on mobile right now, so don’t ignore the hype that this game is getting because the hype is real. It is a cross platform title and you can log onto your profile through iOS or Android. This creates a more simple and smooth experience which can hardly be found on other games. Be sure to check the trailer for Clash Royale below.

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