Mental Hospital IV – A Sinister Fate Awaits You

Playing horror games on your mobile device is truly a privilege because you can experience it right from your bed which usually spices up the fear experience. If you have been a long-time reader, then you know well that we are big fans of horror titles. Just last year, we even made a list of the top 15 horror games of all time. Surprisingly, one of the games that made our list was Mental Hospital III, and just days ago, Mental Hospital IV [$1.99] was released.

We can straight-out tell you that the horror genre is not the most visited by developers and for this reason, we tend to appreciate the few good horror games that do make it to the App Store & Google Play. With Mental Hospital IV, you will definitely experience this shiver down your spine – a feeling that you get when you know something is not right. It brings the classic tactics such as having you walk through dark corridors not knowing what awaits you and it genuinely builds a sinister atmosphere that at times can make you feel paralyzed.

Mental Hospital IV also adds several puzzles into its mysterious horror and this definitely helps in making your escape attempt all the more real. This game builds its story upon the ending of the previous instalment. The paranormal events that occurred at St. Peter’s Hospital surrounding Alice have not been exposed by the media. One day a stranger calls you and proclaims that he knows the true story of what happened there and asks to meet you face-to-face. You are taken to St. Maria’s Orphanage to learn about Alice but what you discover there will be worse than what you have imagined.

Finally, while you will find the plot mysterious and complex at times, it is the experience that really stands out. With a dark room, good quality headphones, and a willing victim; you will be associating this mobile horror game with the likes of Outlast, one of the scariest console titles yet. From the settings you can choose the quality of the game’s graphics you want to run on your device. Overall, we recommend this game to any horror fan out there and to get a visual idea about it, watch the trailer below.

2 thoughts on “Mental Hospital IV – A Sinister Fate Awaits You

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