Vainglory: Shadows Empower Me Update (1.15) – New Skins & Balance Changes

We are very surprised to say that Vainglory received an update recently but no hero was introduced. It became sort of a tradition to see a new hero with every major update, but no hard feelings, we still love what Super Evil Megacorp has included in update 1.15. Basically, you will notice 3 impressive new skins, gameplay updates, balance changes, and bug fixes.

First, let’s start with skins. Now we have the Stormlord Ardan Tier III, a spectacular skin with new plasma effects, new animations, & a bulked up armor – all with new visual effects. Second, there is the new Star Queen Celeste Tier II skin, now with a galaxy-like effect installed on the top of her staff resembling imperial power. Finally, there is a limited edition skin, Night Shadow Taka, which can be unlocked by collecting cards. This skin is special because it has been designed to produce new effects like never before.

To elaborate more on the Night Shadow Taka, now he has a gythian steel armor, enhanced machinery, fierce metal blades, and new ability animations. You can unlock him with ICE or by collecting 16 legendary cards specified for Night Shadow Taka. Sounds a lot of work but Super Evil Megacorp has included Taka card events to help you get these cards at a faster pace. More details on these events will pop up in the News section of the game.

Moreover, there were major gameplay changes such as the reduction of respawn timer clock per turret kill from 15% to 10%. In order to not overwhelm players that did not farm efficiently during the game, the jungle monsters are now scaled with team net gold worth, rather than with game time. Also, spectator mode now shows which team scores the last hit against jungle monsters.

Finally, there have been balance changes applied on most heroes and you can learn more about these changes by clicking here. We love this update because it fixes a lot of bugs as well and introduced amazing skins for fans to work hard for. If you are a Vainglory fan, then stay tuned with our website for the latest news on this game.

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