Fran Bow: A Dark Psychological Adventure – Out Now

After it was released on Steam in 2015, Fran Bow received a very high approval rate for its dark and demented world. Fortunately, this masterpiece is now available for iOS & Google Play in a series of 5 episodes, thanks to Killmonday Games. It is a brilliant game with a disturbingly beautiful story, but it is definitely not for young gamers when you consider the extreme gore presented. It can be compared to Year Walk in terms of its gameplay mechanics, which is a praise rather than a condemnation.

The story is pretty traumatizing for the faint of heart and it takes place in the year 1944. You are Fran, a ten year old girl that witnessed the brutal dismemberment & radical murder of her mother and father. Following the disturbing event, she is found alone in the woods with nobody other than Mr. Midnight, a black cat that was given to her by her parents as a present. She was found in a state of shock and when she becomes aware, Fran finds herself at the harsh mental institution, Oswald Asylum.

Fran’s mental state deteriorates due to the medications administered to her, which cause her to hallucinate and become psychotic. In her psychosis, she sees terrifying monsters and experiences an alternate reality of death. She attempts to escape the oppressive treatment of the asylum by jumping between the two realities that her mind is trapped in. In her search for sane redemption, Fran investigates the brutal murder of her parents and tries to uncover the mystery behind it all.

Finally, the game is definitely a piece of art. The developers did a wonderful job on the design and the story; it easily immerses you with the inescapable world of Fran. The 5 episodes together are approximately $9.99 which is cheaper than the Steam price of $14.99. So we still have it cheaper for mobile devices which we cannot complain about. We absolutely loved Fran Bow, with all its darkness and gore, it brings a fresh psychological experience to mobile gamers. You can check the trailer for this game below.

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