Attack on Titan: The Dividing Line Between Death & Deliverance – Coming Soon

We want to share with you great news about a mobile game that is coming by the end of 2016 by GameSamba, Funimation, & NGames. It is based on the Japanese manga series, Attack on Titan. Having sold over 50 million manga copies and became a hit on TV, the franchise has garnered millions of fans throughout the last 6 years. We want to tell you more about it so that you can understand what makes this upcoming mobile title so special.

The series started in 2009 and was written & illustrated by the talented Hajime Isayama. Attack on Titan portrays a world that is built on the concept of survival of the fittest. It is set in a world where humans are living in cities surrounded by gigantic walls; the only defensive front that is stopping the Titans from entering the cities.

The Titans are a giant & savage humanoid race that feeds on human beings in the most disturbing of ways. It is quite an interesting world to explore, especially on a mobile game. The story revolves around Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, & Armin Arlert who join the human military force after their town was destroyed by the Titans. Eren experienced the wrath of the Titans first-hand when he witnessed his own mother getting eaten by them.

According to the announcement, Attack on Titan will be released for iOS & Android as an action-driven title with elements from the runner and action genres in order to deliver a genuine experience that is similar to the battles demonstrated in the anime series. The game will be fast-paced and your timing should be impeccable, because that’s what survival is all about. More details will be revealed in the upcoming months, so stay tuned with our website to learn more. It will be insane to see gigantic Titans coming after you and we hope they stay true to the series in terms of character design. You can watch the trailer for the series below.

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