Dark Sword: A Silhouetted Hack N’ Slash RPG – Out Now

Dark Sword [Free], the side-scrolling hack n’ slash from the makers of Tap Quest: Gate Keeper [Free], is finally out worldwide. It very much reminds us of Shadow Fight 2 [Free] with its silhouetted style and dark fantasy graphics. This game is absolutely gorgeous and comes along as an ideal game to play in short breaks or during your free time. NANOO COMPANY has definitely chose the right path with the style and mechanics they implemented in Dark Sword.

With over 100 stages and monsters to fight against, the dark fantasy graphics and comic book-like artwork will set the perfect environment for you to get engaged in the action. In addition, there is a hardcore mode for the competitive amongst you where your equipped items will vanish if defeated. To make it even more interesting, there is a farming and an upgrade system designed to improve the character’s weaponry. The game has an auto-play button on-screen for those of you who want to engage in extreme grinding.

Finally, you can expect in-app purchases due to the fact that it’s a freemium title and that the game has a shop. We definitely see originality in this new game and you will come to this conclusion after you have personally experienced it yourself. If you want to see a glimpse of what Dark Sword can deliver, then check the new trailer released for this game below.

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