Hearthstone – ‘Whispers Of The Old Gods’ Expansion Announced

With all the rumors that were floating and all the conspiracy theories presented, we now have solid facts about the upcoming Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Expansion. Blizzard has finally opened up about the expansion during the Americas Winter Championship. The Whispers of the Old Gods Expansion will bring about an extremely dark theme and it is very interesting to see the Old Gods getting more spotlight by Blizzard. Let’s give you some background information about the Old Gods so that you may know more about them.

According to Warcraft mythology, the Old Gods are parasitic symbiotes that are likened to evil immortals who feed on life and magic. Being creatures of destruction, they ruled the universe in tyranny in ancient times before they were defeated by the Titanic Pantheon. In regards to the story in the upcoming expansion, the Old Gods will be warping & twisting the people of Azeroth and their influence will be affecting 134 new cards that will appear in the next expansion.

You will get to see the twisted versions of the normal cards, a byproduct of the Old Gods’ influence. This will create an imbalance in many cards, some will become extremely powerful and others incompetent. For example, one card that will be coming in the expansion is the Corrupted Healbot, a twisted version of the Antique Healbot. The Corrupted Healbot uses Deathrattle to restore 8 health to an enemy hero while Antique Healbot uses Battlecry to restore 8 health to your own hero. So we see a twisted effect of the original card due to the influence of the Old Gods.

There will also be cards of the Old Gods themselves, such as C’Thun, N’Zoth, Yogg-Saron, Y’Shaarj, and many others. The expansion is expected to be released in late April or early May according to the latest reports but Hearthstone players are able to pre-purchase 50 card packs starting March 14th for the price of $49.99. In addition, there is a period where if you log into the game, you will be given three free card packs and in the first card pack, you will have C’Thun and the Beckoner of Evil. It is not clear when this period will be, and the intention is probably to have you login more often than you used to. Finally, make sure to watch the cinematic trailer for the upcoming expansion below.



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